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無名 ‧ NAMELESS - The Company

Nameless Hong Kong Limited is a consultancy company, that specialized in branding concept, site analysis, architectural design, interior design, multimedia design & production, contracting & project management, kitchen equipment, F&B licensing and business consulting. All in ONE, Design and Build.

The Name & Logo the name of 無名 (Nameless) comes from the idea of neutrality and possibility; an open-minded company that has no restrictions when it comes to creativity, the best ideas are all-out with our clients but not on ourselves and we remain unnamed. The name of Nameless also creates mystery and brings curiosity, giving space to imagination. The simplicity of the logo maintains the concept of being neutral, open-minded and beyond imagination; the construction grid lines give the sense of sketch, unfinished and brainstorming; the geometries represent zoning, area, and space; the sphere is the only curvy shape without following the grids, meaning the company will think out of the box, allowing rooms for brand-new ideas, changing and improving.


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