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shiawase yakitori


Tsim Sha Tsui 


JAPANESE yakitori restaurant 


1339.42 sq. ft.   53 seats  

Shop Nos. G18-G19, G/F, K11 NO.18 Hanoi Road, TST, KL  

The day you get marry is a date you will not forget in your entire life, a day full of elation, graceful and sharing. In order to continue the moment, this restaurant is a reason why for existence, a place to capture the wedding scene and continue to spread happiness.

The restaurant was decorated as a shrine, a place where a couple held their wedding, the color scheme was based on the usual material used in Japanese architecture and shrine color – wood and red.

The main feature of the design was the increasing order of roof above the bar table, yellowish lights seeping out from the gap, the entire roof was magnificent and brilliantly illuminated reflected by faint light. Base to the difficulties of using space, the bar table has set up in the center, therefore every customer will be entertained while enjoying their dining. There was a display shelf underneath the roof, an area for displaying Matsumoto Sake, the lights shining at the bottom makes the roof became the focal point in the space.

Besides the color theme, there were other decorations which makes you have a stronger feel as in the shrine, like the Misogi, Torii and the wall wisher. This is a shrine where you can not only take photos, make wishes but also having an incredible meal.


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