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Tsim Sha Tsui 


Japanese yaki restaurant 


2156.94 sq. ft.   81 seats  

Shop OTE402 Level 4 Ocean Terminal, TST, KL  

Shiawase inspired by the ancient Japanese temple, with a pleasantly quiet atmosphere. The aligned Torri gates and the white LED simulating natural ray guide people to an immersive experience before entering the temple. The roof design of the bar referenced ‘Dou Gong’, a traditional architectural structure in Japan. With the subtle light emitted between the gap of it, rebuild the grandeur of the Japanese temple. Washed granolithic as floor with a stone path on above, Lights are gradually getting dimmer till the dining area, connect the harbour and the interior. When there is a fireworks performance, it seems that customers get a feast at a Japanese festival near a temple.


brand identity design


logo design 


The logo is inspired by dougong, a traditional Japanese architecture structure.


The logo has abstractly presented the building features of the historical Japanese temple.


The highlighted structure was representing Yaki, the cooking method of this restaurant.

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