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Designing logo, brand name & story, look & feel, theme & color, etc

Conceptual Design

Brand Bible

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Menu Design

Packaging Design

E&M, P&D, MVAC, IT, FS services design in consideration of operation, maintenance, licensing and aesthetic

MVAC, P&D, E&M Support

Fire Services (If not-NSC is allowed)

IT Service

Security System

Audio and Video Supply and Install


Experienced project team and workers to build with quality and speed


Plumbing and Drainage

Electricity and Circuit

New Water Meter Setup or Transfer

New Gas Meter Setup or Transfer

New Electricity Meter Setup or Transfer

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Furniture Manufacturing

Billboard and LED Lightbox Adv. Install

A&A and Minor Works (AP & RSE)


Power Upgrade

Gas and Piping

Preparing brand book & proposal for getting shop offer and terms bargaining. Site selecting based on size, rent, landlord provision, existing condition, leasing terms, cost, etc

Site Picking and Advice

Advice on Landlord Provision

Advice on Tenancy Agreement

Prepare and submit to the landlord and the related government department a full set of drawings including plan, elevation, detail, furniture, material schedule, E&M, P&D, MVAC, IT, licensing, required certificate etc.

Liquor License

Bakery License

Cold Store License

Milk Factory License

Frozen Confection Factory License

General Restaurant License

Factory Canteen License

Fresh Provision Shop License

Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop License

Composite Food Shop License

Places of Public Entertainment License

Food Factory License

Restricted Food Permits

Club Liquor License

License Renewal & Transfer

Photo shooting & Video production (People, interior, food, product, etc)

Fitting Out Procedure Documentation

Video for Social Media (Interior, Brand, Event, etc)

Photo Shooting (Interior, Food, People, etc)

Professional interior design in consideration of operation flow, sales & turnover, licensing, technical support, branding, marketing, etc, presenting with walk-through rendering as well as still renderings.

Furniture and Lighting Design

3D Modeling


Video Rendering

Virtual Reality Rendering

Schematic Drawings

Construction Drawings

MVAC, P&D, E&M Drawings

Custom-made Equipment Design

Source, procure and design plate, spoon, fork, chopsticks, decoration, menu cover, paper, napkin, uniform, name tag, etc

Utensil Sourcing

Decoration and Utility Sourcing

Uniform Sourcing and Design

Packaging Design

Placement Design

Graphic on Utensil

Manage and run the restaurant as an operator by contract.

Operation Consulting

Professional kitchen design in consideration of work flow and durability, with equipment supply or custom made.

Kitchen Equipment Supply and Install

CLP Sponsorship

Towngas Sponsorship

Gas Work (Grill, hotplate, etc)


Design, produce/install company website, flyer, business card, billboard, bus stop adv, MTR adv, etc.

Business Card Design

Poster and Filter Design

Menu Design

Billboard and LED Lightbox Adv. Design

Website Design

Hoarding Design

Utensil Sourcing

Graphic on Utensil

Packaging Design

Billboard and LED Lightbox Adv. Install

Consultant service on managing and run the restaurant as an consultant. (Management level such as head chef and manager to be recruited by client)

Operation Consulting

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