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Branding Design & Concept

Designing logo, brand name & story, look & feel, theme & color, etc

Site Finding & Analysis

Preparing brand book & new branch proposal for shop offer submission and provsions & terms bargaining.
Site selection & consultation based on size, rent, landlord provision, existing condition, leasing terms, cost, etc.

Architecture & Interior Design

Professional interior design in consideration of operation flow, sales & turnover, licensing, technical support, branding, marketing, etc, presenting with walk-through rendering as well as still renderings.

Technical Design

E&M, P&D, MVAC, IT, FS services design in consideration of operation, maintenance, licensing and aesthetic.

Construction & Engineering

Experienced project team and workers to build with quality and speed.

Kitchen Design & Equipment Supply

Professional kitchen design in consideration of workflow and durability, with equipment supply or custom made.

Multimedia Design & Production

Photo shooting & Video production (People, interior, food, product, etc)

Drawings & Licensing Submission

Prepare and submit to the landlord and the related government department a full set of drawings including plan, elevation, detail, furniture, material schedule, E&M, P&D, MVAC, IT, licensing, required certificate etc.

Marketing-related Sourcing, Design & Install

Design, produce or install company website, flyer, business card, billboard, bus stop adv, MTR adv, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platform Management & Advertising, content creation and KOL Marketing.

Utensil & Uniform Sourcing & Design

Source, procure and design plate, spoon, fork, chopsticks, decoration, menu cover, paper, napkin, uniform, name tag, etc.


Consultation services including project, E&M, Design, Operation, Marketing, etc.

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