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ricky's spicy kitchen


lohas park 


fusion restaurant 


2098.93 sq. ft.   106 seats  

Shop 352A, The LOHAS, Tseung Kwan O  

Ricky’s Kitchen features both classic Hong Kong and Chef Signature tasting dishes in comfortable surroundings familiar to all Hong Kong locals. The cultural integration of foods inspires the design. The interior design is highly involved with Hong Kong’s vintage elements. For example, the shop front and reception design are taking the facade of Tong Lau as a reference, also the Hong Kong vintage handmade ceramic mosaic-like floor tile’s pattern. In the colonial era, there are many western decorative ideas brought to Hong Kong. They help recreating the atmosphere of Hong Kong’s cultural diversity merging both local and western ideas. In terms of color, red and black are the domination. Red is reminiscent of restaurant food, black adds modern style, and golden edges as embellishment. The red color shows the spiciness of the brand and foods. Mainly use in logo and interior design color tone direction.
The main dining area is forms by loose furniture and benches, which facilitates flexible table merging. As a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine, round tables account for a certain percentage.

brand identity design


logo design 

brand guidebook 


Logo inspired by Ricky's Kitchen —— same restaurant brand manage by the celebrity chef - Ricky Cheung.

In the logo design of Ricky's Spicy Kitchen, Sichuan cuisine elements are added- Sichuan pepper, peppercorns, rattan pepper and star anise. Overall, the logo design represents the spirit of Sichuan cuisine X the fusion cooking concept of chef Ricky Cheung.

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