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ricky's kitchen


Tsim Sha Tsui 


fusion cafe 


1358.14 sq. ft.   66 seats  

Shop B233A, B2/F, K11 Art Mall, No.18 Hanoi Road, KL  

Advocating the spirit of fusion while reinterpreting and illustrating Hong Kong in the design is what the goal is, which parallels with the goal of the brand. Inspiring by this unique scenery of the city of Hong Kong, illustrating a “one-line sky” scenery, that represents what people see overhead in the street while surrounded by high-rise buildings. Contributing to the “one-line sky”, cantilever structure above the walkway is seen very often in the city to further narrowing the street due to highly valued land, which we try to create that feeling abstractly. The feature wall was inspired by the night view of the city, the use of the material is symbolizing “concrete forest” the nickname of Hong Kong. LEON light is also used due to the impression internationally, the way of representation is coming from the traffic of highway in the camera under long exposure.


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