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The University of Hong Kong 



1400 sq.m  

14F & 15F, KK leung building, 
Pok fu Lam Road, Mid-levels west, Hong Kong  

The design of the HKU SCR mainly follows the overall visual identity of HKU -- academic, historical and elegant.  And the two floors of the clubhouse contains a slightly different style according to the cuisine served : 14F is more Chinese style while 15F is more western style, but with a relatively united color and material to maintain the whole clubhouse area as a harmonious whole.

Both floor uses wall trims to keep the place elegant and bring some feeling of art deco style during the colonial era.  And the color green act as a key roll in the design: shows the HKU visual identity with its corporate color while the color of walnut wood and white gives the space a consistent elegant and academic feeling.

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