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Dim Sum Gallery


mong kok 


TRAditional chinese restaurant 

2307.3 sq. ft.   144 seats  

Shop NO.201, 2/F Grand Plaza, 625 & 639 Nathan Road, KL  

Traditional is a word will pop-up immediately when we heard of dim sum. In fact, now a days many dim sum has changed into a presentable food of art. 

We would like to decorate dim sum as a treasure which you value a lot, identical as a jewel (dim sum) kept in casket (steamer). Since every dim sum master has a genuine and abiding love of the craft, while enjoying the incredible flavor we should also treasure the craftsmanship passed down for thousand years. 

Design concept was inspired by a Japanese jewel box, all patterns decorated on walls and partitions were composed by hexagons with different details inside. Hexagons was a figure used in steamer traditionally. Integrated Japanese style design with Chinese traditional food was a new dining experience you had never seen. In order to increase coloration of Japan’s feature and highlight the hexagons pattern, a Japanese pattern fabric has placed on the back of the feature wall located in restaurant area.  Lights were implanted in the middle of two layers, shadows accentuate the pattern, lights bring out the glistening of the fabric behind. 

Dim Sum Gallery was named for a place where the “artist” could share and present their art to everyone. Restaurant executive chef Master Chan Sui Kei was one of the artist, he not only make delicate dim sum, he also paint. The passion he admire to food inspired him to paint, which perfectly emerged food of art in a dish. Rather than the paint painted in the dish, there were more paints can discover in the façade and the entrance, those are one of the important feature in this design concept. This is a trip where your five contemplation could enjoy through every art piece display in the restaurant.

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