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Praya is a restaurant serving seafood designed for a hotel.  Praya is the word describing the seaside road of the Kennedy Town.  The design is to present a modernized praya from it's originally colonism style.  Wall trims are used to show the architecture design style of the era while the material applied to the design if more cool and modern to give a modern attributes to the design.

And subtle texture and metallic material added more layers of texture to the design, making the design more stylish and elegant.  Rusted metal and black metallic tubes are also used a lot in the design, re-creating the look and feel of the Sai Wan Pier, giving the restaurant a localized cultural tag.

The praya is a feature of HK that conects the metropolis city view and the sea. The design brings the praya feeling to the restaurant with concrete and wood material and a relax style.The Western District starts its story during the colonial period. The design aims to bring the customers back to the period with colonial features such as wall trim and wood material.

Instead of design a vintage colonial style restaurant, we combines the design with some industrial style elements to make the restaurant modern and unique with metal, concrete...

To balance the industrial style and the fine dining elegance is an objective of the design, achieving a harmonious result combining stylish design with a high quality hotel fine dining level.

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